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Note: All physical items we sell are IoT technology devices.

You need to ensure that your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is separated from the 5 GHz for it to work properly.
No application is required for your devices.
All you need is what you already have on your phone or computer.

No permission is required or requested.



FDB-22 ... 3D printers : Filament consumption counter with online database



- Upgrade 3D printers with the Filament online database

- Automatic consumption of the selected filament written directly to the database every minute and displayed locally on the screen.

- Very easy to mount directly on a 3D printer

- Database interface available online

- One year support and free online database

- Easy management of filaments in the database (add, delete, modify) via the interface

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UPC: 697333921920
EAN: 0697333921920







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T-One - Wi-Fi floating thermometer for swimming pools, Hot Tub, aquariums, spas and fish ponds



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 T-One - Wi-Fi floating thermometer


Measure temperature in swimming pools, SPAS, Hot Tub, aquariums and fish ponds.
Receive email alerts when the temperature is out of the set range.


This device belongs to IoT device technology.


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 Inventory 2022

You can use it for anything.
Create your own categories, sub-categories and stock items.
Keep multiple selling prices for each item and your resale price.
This application is ideal for quickly building your inventory.
The application uses a local database, ideal for businesses that are transitioning to other systems and need a temporary database or for small businesses or anyone who wants to keep items in different locations where it will be faster to find with this small application.



Knock Knock

Wi-Fi Smart Mailbox notification sensor








 UPC: 697333921944

EAN: 0697333921944

Receive an email when you get mail in your mailbox.

This device belongs to IoT device technology.


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Drainage basin high level warning


The water level sensor WLA detects electrical and mechanical problems with the column sump pump.
If the pump does not work for any reason, the water will reach a certain level that activates the sensor.
The sensor will connect to your Wi-Fi and send you an email that it has a problem.

 Get started: Get started.pdf

This device belongs to IoT device technology.

Stock availability:
- Etsy

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