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            Pass-click is a Windows application that stores your passwords and allows you to use them when needed.
Today, everyone has been invited to create an account for more sites. The sites require a strong password with upper- and lower-case letters.
In addition, ask to use special symbols, require you to change your password often, etc.
Can you remember ten and ten passwords? Certainly not.
What we can remember are simple passwords that have a possible security hole.
Sometimes we write the password on a sticky note that will be lost after a while.
Writing the login data in a file is not a bad idea, but this file can be retrieved by someone.
Pass-Click ensures data security.
All data is encrypted by a unique tool.
When you need a password or login name, just find the site in the application and click copy to clipboard.
You can paste it into the appropriate boxes. The clipboard will hold the copy for 10 seconds.
You can get a free version to evaluate it or to use it for free if you don't need more than 8 entries.

Note that the application starts as a notification icon. You have to left click to open the form or right click to open the menu.






Any contribution will be appreciated and we will send you an increase of the maximum number of entries.



 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10

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 FREE, One-time purchase


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Promo Price: CAD 9.99 +Tx


The application uses .NET Framework 4, which is included in the Windows installation.

If you have a problem or want to report something, click here to send us a message. 

If you have a suggestion in the application that can help you more, please send us through contact form.

We will evaluate it and add it if possible to improve the application.

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