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Temperature data logger

TDL1SP5VUSB-WF it is a temperature datalogger with a large storage capacity. The second function is the acquisition of temperature data (DAQ) via the USB port. If enabled, the USB port sends temperature values every second to the connected host (client configuration). If you want to use the USB connection, you need to install the CH340 USB driver. Driver software for Windows and/or Mac is available to download from the device. Device is equipped with a web server that runs without internet connection.
You have to open the web page by using Wi-Fi connection.

NOTE: Configuration of the device can be done only by using Wi-Fi connection.
The device works in two modes: AP (Access Point) and as a Wi-Fi client (connected to your router). You must have a 2.5G connection on your router. The device will not connect to 5G.

Application: air and water temperature measurement, Refrigeration Cold Chain, temperatures in pools and SPAS (the sensor can be placed directly in the water without additional protection)
Power supply: 5V (USB plug)

Length of the temperature sensor: about 300 cm
- High-quality stainless-steel tube encapsulation, waterproof, moisture proof and rustproof.
- Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
- Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Device connectivity: USB and wireless
Data log every 60-seconds (factory default) period modifiable over interface
Memory: over 30 million points (tested)
Due to the large memory capacity, the device does not have a start/stop timer setting.
The data logger points are active non-stop
This device is "stand-alone" and does not require the installation of any application. 

However, if you need a GUI, you can download it from the device. “DL data reports” require Windows 10 .NET framework 4.7.2. It will be installed when you run the package. You need to download the ZIP file by clicking on the "Graphical Reports (requires Windows 10)" link, unzip it to the folder of your choice and run Setup.exe to install it. By following the instructions in the user guide provided with the device, you can open any archived report.

OS: Windows 2010+, Framework: 4.7.2

Device have Metric and/or imperial mode (factory default: metric/imperial together)
has equipped with the extremely accurate real time clock
Configurable wireless to connect the client's wi-fi network (MAC address is displayed for use in configuring the router with MAC filter, if applicable).




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