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DTAL4A   Data Logger 4 inputs  4 to 20 mA













The DTAL4A model is suitable for pressure transducers from 0 to 1000 PSI.
A total of 4 transducers can be connected and monitored at the same time.
The unit can be used for DAQ, real-time monitoring and as a data logger.
It is mainly used for quality testing for water pipe cracking.

Power: 110/220 VAC 60/50 Hz auto
Real time clock with lithium battery (10 years warranty)
Once configured, the unit operates independently of the host.
The computer can only be connected to download the data reports and configure the next cycle.
Contact us for more information.

The connection to the host computer can be USB or TCP/IP (Ethernet).
Complete software is included. Graphical and numerical reports.
Full remote controls such as: downloading, adjusting date and time, adjusting conversions for reading different sensors, changing the data logger interval, etc.

Difference from other data loggers: DTAL4A can be managed with any other program.
The list of remote commands is included as well as some examples for .NET at the customer's request.


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