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Save your programming time.



The "iniRW" library for .NET (framework 4+) allows you to read and write ini files with simple commands from your program (VB or C#)

You can quickly add the keys and values you need in your application.



  • Read the text from the ini file and place it in a text box:

       TextBox1.Text = ReadValue(directory-path & "\filename.ini", "TextBox1", "default text")

  • Write in the ini file:

     WriteValue(directory-path & "\filename.ini", "TextBox1", "Text", TextBox1.Text)


ReadValue(file path, key, default-value)

WriteValue(file path, key, variable, value)

If the key does not exists then will be created as new key.

The download is available in the member area.

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TCP_Unicom library for .NET (framework 4+) allow you to get data from auxiliary devices (such the Network scanners, or other devices) via Network – using TCP/IP protocol.

In your code, you need to put only one line of programming to get data from the device.



Your variable = Data_(IP, Port, Optional Trigger, Optional Sleep, Optional Send-Timeout, Optional Read-Timeout)


Default values (If not entered):

Trigger = “<SP>” (default request for Microscan scanners)

Sleep = 1500 (1.5 sec)

Send-Timeout = 3000 (3 sec)

Read-Timeout = 3000 (3 sec)


Sample application: If you have an MS-890 fix scanner, you can request the scan by sending a trigger character “space” (MS default) or another, depending of scanner configuration.

When the scanner receives the trigger, it starts reading barcode(s) label and sending the data back to the host.

You will receive the data in “Your variable” that you can use in your application.

You can use the default values and send only a simple query such as: Your variable = Data_(IP address, Port#)

The requested data will be stored in “Your variable”

If the scanner is not suitable for the network, you can purchase a network adapter to serial and connect the scanner in this way to the network.

We can provide you with good equipment.

If needed, you can contact us for more help


TCP_Unicom also allows you to check devices on your network.

You can use the ping option that includes the port number - see below


MyBoolean = TryPing(IP-Address, Port, Time-Out (milliseconds))

Return true or false

This allows you to verify that the network device is running on the specific port.

The download is available in the member area.

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Event Writer

The "Event-Writer" library for .NET (framework 4+) allows you to write events in your application (VB or C#) - such error logs, info etc. - in the Windows events, that can be read in Windows Event viewer.



Save-Event (Your Application Name, Message, Title Info, Level*, Optional Event ID (default = 0))

* the Level can be:





This library allow you also to send the notifications by email. 

SMTP-Notify (SMTP-Host, Sender, Recipients, Message-Subject, Message-Body, Optional Attachment-File, Optional Company-Support-Email)

You can send any notification from your application such the error messages etc., to one or more email addresses.

The download is available in the member area.

For more info or order it, please contact us.