Management Tool For SQL

Backup SQL database files in scheduled time whenever your computer or server is in the sleep or run mode.
Choose disk or network drive folder to backups.
Reset the memory to avoid memory leak when SQL is always running.
Automatically delete old backups to solve your disk space.
Stop the SQL services in the hours when you don’t need SQL and run it automatically when you are back.

You can download a trial version here.

Please note: to install this version you need to have admin right on your work station.
If you need to call a tech to install it, ask him to install in a folder R/W for you.
Some privileges such Create and run services - can be requested also.
Stopping and starting SQL Server services also request admin privileges.

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Why SBM?

Below are some requests from our clients to fix some issues:

I have a small business company in Minnesota. We use an Inventory program which use SQL databases.
I need to back up my database every week. Everything is set-upped correctly but no backup file done. I ask out tech and the issue coming because my server going in the sleep mode. When we setup to “never sleep”, everything is ok but, nobody works overnight and the server running for nothing – CPU and other components cooking.
Any way to back up my database in the sleep mode? Thanks, John

Hi, I use a SQL Express witch does not have SQL Agent to program the backups. I tried to copy/save my database files but every time prompt me a message error “File used by another application”
How can I copy my databases once per day to keep a backup? Thank you, Peter

Hello, my problem is disk space. Backups are done property but, taking too many space on the disk.
I need every 2-3 weeks to make another backup and delete olds. How can I setup SQL to delete old backups? Regards, Sam

Hi, I have memory leak problem. SQL Server running 24/7. After two weeks, all memory is used by SQL.
I need to reboot server to fix this problem because my IIS going bit by bit.
How I can clean memory without reboot the server? Thank you, Geraldo

Hi, want to back up my database when computer is in sleep mode and disks are off. Can you help? Thanks, Dan

Can I back up my SQL database files in the different folders? i.e. each folder has date time stamp name. Waiting answer. Thanks, Ron