Attendance manager for Windows


About Attendance management:



Badge Setup interface


Allow to quickly associate a badge to an employee. Here you have more fields but, you can use only what you want and what is necessaire for your business. Usually, you punch with a card or RFID badge.

We have two types of equipment. Connectivity via USB and/or via Network TCP/IP protocol (wires or wireless)

For Network version of software, please contact us.

You can install many receivers to the same database. Example, you can use this software to create time entry for your work orders, keep records of labor for each work order to calculate productís cost, etc. 

Database is SQL Server (all versions supported Ė you can use also SQL Express)

The setup module allows you to create and configure your database in 5 minutes.

If you donít have a SQL Server, we can help you to install one.

Reporting interface


Simple interface which allow to export data in csv file that can be opened by Excel.

Typically, each business has specific reportís needs. If you have a resource, you can easy create any report you need.

Also, we can procure any custom report you need.



-          Windows any version

-          SQL Server any version

-          RFID USB Reader or RFID TCP/IP Reader*


For more details or order please Contact us


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